Technical Parameters

Hydrobest is a sprayed polyurea used in the industry. It is individually designed for each application. It has high technical parameters and has high level of chemical resistance. Hydrobest is 2-component polyurea that is mainly used as waterproofing insulation and anticorrosion.

Hydrobest is resistant to the processes of fast atmospheric and thermal ageing. Besides that it is resistant to the most of chemicals.

Hydrobest is sprayed in high temperature by using special multi component high pressure unit. Hydrobest comes to life when two liquid components are mixed. Spraying work is conducted by well trained team, having an experience in that kind of work.

Technical parameters of Hydrobest can by individually developed according to the planned application!

Do You know that elongation until break of Hydrobest can be up to 1200% with the tensile strength up to 40 MPa? Besides that the temperature changes from -50 up to 140°C do not make any changes in the Hydrobest structure, and moreover it is one of the most chemical resistant coating all over the world!

After the spraying is made Hydrobest looks like a “rubber coating” which protects the substrate. Application can be made on various substrates like concrete, steel, geofabric etc.

Hydrobest does not interfere in chemical reaction with other materials and is 100% safe!

Unique abilities of Hydrobest insulations are confirmed mainly as waterproof insulation for chemicals containers, water pools, floors, parking and roofs.

You are not sure in Hydrobest can be applied in Your case? Just ask and we will provide You with the answer.

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TERMOPIAN company from Czechowice-Dziedzice, Poland is the ONLY manufacturer of Hydrobest and the ONLY applicator of Hydrobest sprayed insulations.

Main advantages of Hydrobest are:

  • Ability to make insulation on structure even with complex shape having holes, ledges etc.
  • Technical parameters are much better than traditional insulations
  • Fast application with spray method
  • Individually designed to fulfill customer needs
  • Seamless coating without any joints
  • Ability of designing individual color
  • High adhesion to many kinds of substrate
  • Can be applied on vertical and ceiling surfaces
  • Explosive protection
  • Prepared to be sprayed in low temperatures (even below 0°C)

Grupa Termopian Sp. z o.o Sp.k z Czechowic-Dziedzic  w tym roku znalazła się w gronie nominowanych do Polskiej Nagrody Jakości 2015.

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