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In order to provide product delivery as demanded we are looking for partners and distributors over Poland and Europe. If you are interested in collaboration with us do not hesitate and send us an email, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Distribution points:

Dworcowa 15a
+48 32 214 45 80

Grupa Termopian Sp. z o.o Sp.k z Czechowic-Dziedzic  w tym roku znalazła się w gronie nominowanych do Polskiej Nagrody Jakości 2015.

Certifications ISO 9001


Company established in 1988

Izolacje zbiorników, natryskowe, termiczne

More than 1'000'000 sqm various spray insulations

Nowoczesna technologia

New environment friendly technology

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+48 32 214 45 80

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