Spray insulation and waterproofing.


Protective paint for roof and metal elements coatings.


Hydrobest is a sprayed polyurea used in the industry.

Termopian Spray Insulation Systems

Thanks to our extensive experience gained over more than 30 years of providing spray insulation systems we can offer you comprehensive, top quality services, including expert consultation and advice, quotations, installation, and multi year warranty for all the projects completed. Our team of specialists will present and assist you with selecting, matching, and supplying the best, high quality materials for durable products, as well as efficient services. Every project requires a different approach and we work hard to meet all your needs and preferences. We provide professional services for both industrial and residential buildings and the quotes we develop for you will include all the detailed specifications.



State-of-the-Art Spray Insulation Systems

We offer customized and durable materials. Our basic products include TermoPiana – thermal and moisture spray insulation using closed-cell polyurethane foam. To meet our clients’ expectations, we manufacture and sell an advanced pigment for coloring PUR foams – Izolbest. Our product range also includes the Hydrobest – polyurea spray equipment for watertight anticorrosion and chemical insulation applications. Our products have passed the required testing at the National Institute of Hygiene and the Construction Research Institute [ITB].

spray insulation
  • reduction of thermal bridges
  • very good adhesion to the substrate
  • energy savings
  • simultaneous thermal insulation and waterproofing
  • vapor permeability
  • no seams
  • environmentally friendly
  • higher thermal resistance than conventional insulation
  • materials

paint for polyurethane foam

  • easy application
  • high efficiency – over 1,5 m2 can be cover by 1 kg of
  • Izolbest paint available in any color desired
  • remain flexible even in low temperature
  • excellent adhesion to polyurethane foam, metal, asphalt, concrete and others
  • can be diluted with water
  • water vapor permeable paint
  • environment friendly product
  • highly resistant to weather condition (acid rains, UV radiation and others)
  • excellent durability parameters

spray polyurea insulation

  • Ability to make insulation on structure even with complex shape having holes, ledges etc.
  • Technical parameters are much better than traditional insulations
  • Fast application with spray method
  • Individually designed to fulfill customer needs
  • Seamless coating without any joints
  • Ability of designing individual color
  • High adhesion to many kinds of substrate
  • Can be applied on vertical and ceiling surfaces
  • Explosive protection
  • Prepared to be sprayed in low temperatures (even below 0°C)

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Spray Insulation Systems – what are they?

Spray insulation technology requires special construction materials. The technology consists in spraying the material on the selected surface to form a tight coating and all our products are suitable for such applications. The method can:

  • Significantly reduce the time required to do it,
  • Lower the costs by cutting the team’s working time,
  • Apply the coating with a high degree of precision,
  • Reach even hard to get to spaces.

All our materials show very good adhesion to the substrate. Our TermoPiana system is applied layer-on-layer, with each layer up to 2 cm thick at most. The system is fully
waterproof and offers excellent thermal insulation. When looking for corrosion or chemical protection, Hydrobest polyuria is your ideal choice: a single sprayed-on layer
will be less than 2 mm thick. Additionally, its thickness assures moisture insulation. Our product offer also includes the Izolbest paint: a product developed especially with the idea to protect polyurethane foams from UV radiation. That is why it makes an ideal combination with TermoPiana: combining the two produces a coating you will be using for many years.

Our products may be applied on a number of various surfaces:

  • Concrete,
  • Sheet metal,
  • Geotextiles,
  • Polyurethane foam,
  • Tarred roofing felt,
  • Wood.

They are most often used for the following: roofs, terraces, foundations, walls, ceilings, attics, and floors. During the long operation of our company we have also made: chemical tanks, fire tanks, industrial flooring, parking lots, and reverse roofs. The fact they may be used for practically any application makes them ideal construction materials used in:

  • Single-family residential buildings, duplexes, and terrace houses,
  • Multi-family buildings, such as apartment buildings or blocks of flats,
  • Mobile homes, shipping containers,
  • Trailer or camper van interiors,
  • Industrial properties: warehouses, industrial halls,
  • Manufacturing / office buildings,
  • Agricultural construction: outbuildings, livestock buildings, and many others.

Using spray insulation systems you will:

  • Reduce heating costs,
  • Save on keeping the building in good repair,
  • Keep your roof weatherproof,
  • Get an experienced construction team to do the work,
  • Keep your building thermally efficient,
  • Obtain a water-tight coating,
  • Protect the substrate against chemical agents,
  • Obtain long-lasting coating,
  • Help the natural environment,
  • Cut down outside noise penetrating the building.

Please contact us if you find the solutions presented here interesting. We stand ready to  help you at any stage of your work. We will provide professional advice and suggest the best tailor-made solutions.

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