Sprayed insulation of Hydrobest has a wide scope of application. Below we enclose some areas, where Hydrobest can be applied, mainly as waterproofing insulation and corrosion protection:

  • Insulation of containers used in chemical industry
  • Insulation of water containers for fire protection
  • Boards of ships
  • Floors of vans, trucks, pick-ups and buses
  • Floors for storage halls, where Hydrobest can be also applied with anti slip surface
  • Hydro insulation of roofs and terraces
  • Corrosion protection for steel and concrete, incl. underground constructions
  • Insulation of underground parking and garages
  • Explosive protection of strategic buildings

If You are not sure if the Hydrobest can be applied in Your case, just let us know about it and we will do our best to help You.