Izolbest – paint for polyurethane foam

Izolbest is one component protective paint designed especially for roof and metal elements coatings. Izolbest consists acrylic dispersion, pigments and other non-toxic additives. The paints is produced by highly qualified staff as a ready-to-use dense liquid.

Izolbest is a UV reflective paint that is a perfect protection especially for roofs covered by rigid polyurethane foam or metal. The paint can be applied directly to the substrate after the initial cleaning.

Izolbest can be applied with:

paint rollers



airless spraying with for ex. Graco machines

Izolbest coatings are homogeneous with a significant coverage level and excellent durability parameters. Izolbest dries just within 2 hours with favorable weather conditions. Izolbest can be easily applied to the every substrate through its perfect adhesion factors. Izolbest does not react with other materials so it can be used as a coating for every substrate (metal, polyurethane foam, asphalt, concrete and others).

Basic colors of the Izolbest paint are:

Gray (similiar to NCS S 3502-B or RAL 7040)

Brown (similiar to NCS 5030-Y90R or RAL 3009)

Izolbest is environment friendly product that does not contain any solvents or volatiles. After work is done it’s enough to clean the tools and machines with water to keep them clean

  • easy application
  • high efficiency – over 1,5 m2 can be cover by 1 kg of Izolbest paint
  • available in any color desired
  • remain flexible even in low temperature
  • excellent adhesion to polyurethane foam, metal, asphalt, concrete and others
  • can be diluted with water
  • water vapor permeable paint
  • environment friendly product
  • highly resistant to weather condition (acid rains, UV radiation and others)
  • excellent durability parameters