Application manual


Izolbest paint is applied directly to the dry and clean substrate after being mixed.
The paint can be applied by:

The material should be applied in two layers with:
  • paint rollers
  • brushes
  • airless spraying with for ex. Graco machines

Second layer should be applied perpendicularly to the direction of application of the previous coat.

Paint has to be applied with favorable weather conditions, minimum air and substrate temperature should not be less than 10 oC. While drying the coating should not be exposed to rain, water leaks or low temperature. Painting ought to be planned so that the coating can dry before the evening dew settling.

Paint is a ready-to-use material that can only be diluted with water while the air temperature is high and humidity is low (maximum 0,05 kg of solvent per 1 kg of paint). Minimum Izolbest consumption is 0,6 kg per 1m2.


Storage temperature: +5°C – + 30°C
Storage conditions: do not expose to sun light and sudden temperature changes


Izolbest is an environment friendly paint that does not contain toxic materials. When applying it is recommended to use personal protective equipment. After work, use water to keep the tools clean. If skin gets covered with paint it is recommended to use water and soap to remove the soils.