Using TermoPiana is characterized by achieving high results in energy savings, which allows for less use of natural resources. Insulations made with this technology are very stable and durable in time, as the lifetime of the product is defined as the lifetime of the building.

When builing is being demolished, the TermoPiana can be reused in the same or a similar use in another building as insulating material. Polyurethane is not a threatening pollution from an ecological point of view.

To the environmental benefits of the product include: the possibility of re-use as thermal insulation, can be grinded and recycled to manufacture new products.

Savings with using TermoPiana are estimated up to 30%.

TermoPiana insulation guarantee:
  • Energy saving on heating and A/C
  • Long life and functionality of the insulation
  • The reduction of CO2
  • The possibility of recycling and reprocessing
  • Environmental friendly
  • It does not damage the ozone layer